Cake It Til You Make It

We are so excited to introduce our new YouTube channel, Cake It Til You Make It! Our whole family is involved in this fun production of cake decorating tutorials. If you’re a beginner baker or a mom that wants to rock some cool cakes for your kids, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re a more advanced caker, we’ll show you how we make amazing sculpted cakes and add special effects. New videos will be posted every week!


Follow these steps to make a gravity-defying ice cream cone cake!

First, you need a sturdy base. I used a 9″ square piece of 3/4″ plywood, a 1/2″ dowel, and a 4″ round piece of 1/2″ plywood. We attached the boards to the dowel with 1 1/4″ wood screws. Cake shouldn’t be touching the wood, so I hot glued two 4″ round cake boards to the top board and wrapped the dowel in plastic packing tape. Then I rolled out some brown fondant to cover the board. I used a ruler and dresden tool to create the wood planks on the base.

Next, I wrapped rice cereal treats around the dowel and built up the top to create the cone shape. I gave it a thin coat of buttercream and chilled it for 15 minutes. Now it’s time for cake! I baked some orange cream cake in a large sheet pan and used a round cutter to make circles of cake to stack up. I used 3 layers for each scoop of ice cream, and rounded the top edges with a serrated knife. And then I gave them a quick crumb coat, and chilled for 15-20 minutes. 

Once the cake was chilled, I rolled out some beige fondant to cover the cone. More of that fondant was pushed through an extruder to create the ridges on the waffle cone. I attached the ridges with some clear piping gel. Now this cone needed some color, so I used some brown and cream petal dust all over the cone. Next, I added some more brown and a brighter yellow petal dust and brushed the base to make the wood grain more pronounced. 

Ice cream time! I added more buttercream on top, including piping a small band around the base of each scoop. Then I had the brilliant idea to use my creme brulee torch to “melt” my ice cream. Using the torch makes the buttercream melt just enough to slightly drip, and it gives it that perfect, just-about-to-melt-on-a-hot-day look!

Check out the video and see all of these steps in action! Happy caking!