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Welcome to Bit of Blog!

I love reading blogs & being inspired to do something crafty. And I have¬†often found myself thinking I’d like to share some of my sweet experiments with others, so Bit of Blog is now here. I’d like to use this blog to share upcoming events, new design ideas, cake triumphs & disasters, and anything else related to all of the SWEET things in life.

When it comes to cake decorating, I don’t like to just copy another baker’s design. I want to be inspired! And I can find beauty & inspiration in all kinds of things. It may be a color combination, a pattern on scrapbook paper, or the texture of something in nature. It’s fun to see what I can create when I start with something like that!

In August, I was working on some new displays for the Bridal Bliss Summer Classic bridal show in Lexington. While walking through the craft section of a store, I saw a string of beads that were black, cream & light blue. I was immediately drawn to the color combination. I knew that I wanted to showcase something with lots of different textures & I loved the idea of incorporating tiers in alternating colors.

This display came from that moment. I love how the textures & colors add both elegance & a touch of whimsy. It’s certainly not the typical, smooth wedding cake; but I’m not a typical designer.

Now, I’m beginning to prepare for the winter bridal show in January, and I haven’t found the perfect inspiration for a new design just yet. But, there are some design elements that I’m starting to love – the color gold, chevron patterns, burlap, natural woods/branches, and lace. It should be interesting to see what kinds of cake designs I can come up with using those as inspiration!

I use this same method of inspired-design for more than just my work. Whether it’s shopping for a new outfit, taking photos of my kids, or decorating my home; I always want something to tie everything together – a common bond. Maybe it’s because I studied interior design in college, or maybe it’s just because I prefer coordination over chaos. Whatever the reason, it makes my life a little bit brighter. And hopefully, I can inspire someone else to brighten their own life, too!

Be inspired!

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