Wedding Planning in Uncertain Times

With the spread of COVID-19, brides and grooms all over the country have had a difficult time making wedding plans. Many of you have probably been planning your weddings for months, if not years. Please don’t let this setback discourage you! We want to share some simple tips to keep the planning on track.


  1.  Postpone. Don’t cancel. Just think of what an incredible celebration your wedding will be when this is all over!
  2. Utilize local resources. We have some of the best wedding vendors in central Kentucky and they all want to help you as much as they can. Reach out to planners and coordinators for help in changing dates, finding vendors and scheduling timelines. Simply Love Studio is a great resource that offers free planning advice for couples.
  3. Be flexible. Everyone loves Saturdays for weddings, but be open to the suggestions your planner or venue may have, like choosing a Friday or a Sunday for your new wedding date.
  4. Don’t panic! Remember that we are all in this together. Most vendors are small, family-owned businesses. We need our customers and want to help them as much as we can during this crisis. If you need your vendors, we’re all just a phone call or an email away.  

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